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Swap Out debunks environmentally harmful products and suggests what to replace them with.

The Idea Behind Swap Out

We use products that might not be good for the environment. The thought of changing something that you have been using for years is intimidating. But what if I told you that one thing can be replaced without leaving much of an impact on yourself?

Here is the plan:

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swapout.eco is proudly hosted on WPX, a company that created its own non-profit NGO called Every Dog Matters (EU) to shelter homeless and abandoned dogs.

We are also a part of the .eco community.

About Abrar

I have a long, boring name, which is probably why I prefer to go by my first name, Abrar. I am a software engineer and writing blogs is something I do in my spare time.

How did I end up here writing about sustainability? I love animals a lot and my personal goal is to stop doing everything that could or might hurt their lives. Eating vegan and using strictly non-animal products are two things I am very proud of. Although there is a lot more to do, what could be more fulfilling than spreading the word via an online blog?

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